Bryan Swan Photography

About the Photographer

I'm not a professional photographer. I have no aspirations to be a professional photographer. In all likelihood, I wouldn't make it as a professional photographer unless I made some serious concessions regarding the subject matter I like to photograph.

In High School I signed up for a photography class and got my first taste of the concept of creativity through photography, and I think - subconsciously at least - that I was hooked at that point. At the same time I also was introduced to web programming, and the combined interests led to the creation of the Northwest Waterfall Survey, and later on the World Waterfall Database. Several years later this in turn led to an opportunity to work along side renowned Japanese photographer Yoshikazu Shirakawa as he completed his World's 100 Greatest Waterfalls project.

My enthusiasm for landscape photography as a whole didn't really set in until the mid 2000s when I started to come around to the idea that there were subjects other than waterfalls that I could actually enjoy photographing, and from that point on my drive to explore the natural world has only gotten stronger.



This website is still very much a work in progress, please bear with me while things get tidied up and re-arranged further (don't be surprised to see significant changes in the near term). In the mean time, you can reach me through the social channels below.